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1.Board implementation
2.Board assembly
3.Board assembling/Examination for board
4.Examination for product assembling/product


The latest information



It is the first business day of the year

President greetings
Trainee (go you) aim announcement
It is a souvenir picture of the New Year with all the trainees
A Happy New Year.
I would like this year.

Well, today was us of the work beginning, but all the employees could reach the New Year well, and an aim in this year was raised by a president and started a new year.

The aim of this year is the first step to a dream!

They stand in the new stage, and both the feeling and the action seem to go through one step towards a dream! When each employee wants to push forward work with an aim in this
I think.

I get a grip and try the infection prevention hard in all the members for a corona infectious disease sequentially still more in the serious world!

You should be able to come back early in conventional life.

Finishing one's work for the year

General cleaning
Year-end greetings by the president
Group photo
It was our finishing one's work for the year today!
It was serious age, but it was the last business day of the year in a corona safely.
The general cleaning is perfect so that I cut the start of the next year comfortably  

I prayed so that it was a good year and took the souvenir picture of the mask together next year  
The life without the mask should return early...

This year thank you very much for your help.
Will thanks in advance for your help next year  

New face trainee assignment!

The first day of the assignment
On the first day of the duty with a senior
State in the dormitory
Welcome to the glory Seisakusho
Two Vietnamese trainees became assigned to December 14.
The name is Lee and tongue you.
As it was the great inside, it has been shooting that I put a mask in the photograph in a corona
The life in the dormitory starts, too, but I wear a mask in the all dormitory, and the infection measures seem to be able to keep strong, too
I will try Lee, tongue you, the Japanese study hard together with effort well for three years!
A corona should be settled down early, but ...
I take off a mask together and want to take a photographIs colorful; shiningly

I appeared on NHK special "Reiwa future meeting 2020 "foundation of a country idea""

All of you, hello
Was broadcasted in NHK on Sunday, March 1; in "NHK special "meeting 2020 "foundation of a country idea" in the Reiwa future,"
Teshigawara of our president appeared.
I had a very valuable opportunity and had a good experience.
The one that you saw gives many impressions to me early and appreciates it very much.
In the one that you were not able to look at,
3/5 middle of the night of Thursday 0:55~
As there is rebroadcast more, in the one having time, please see it by all meansShiningly

Finish Kiryu Chamber of Commerce and Industry environment seminar

All of you, helloThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled
By Monday, February 17, 2020 Kiryu business and industry key place environment seminar
Teshigawara of our president
"I turn off the light without cutting human resources
 ... president decides it! In front of an employee "energy saving declaration!" ~"
I talked about this on a theme.
I have all of you listen eagerly and am glad very much.
On the day thank you, all of you who listened, people concerned
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