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1.Board implementation
2.Board assembly
3.Board assembling/Examination for board
4.Examination for product assembling/product


Process of manufacture

Scenery in the company

Feelings of the EIKOH SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd.

I work for production efficiency improvement without thinking the trust to a customer to be first by our process, and regretting an effort with the goal of quickness, quality improvement, defectiveness rate 0% of correspondence every day on a deadline.

SMT process

SMT process
[/mounter mounted with a machine]
A press: YAMAHA (YCP10)
A mounter: YAMAHA (YS24X → YS100)
A reflow: Tamura Seisakusho (TNV50-568EM-P) nitrogen
Mountable size maximum L510mm X W460mm
Minimum L60mm X W50mm
Thickness: 0.5-2.0mm
Parts height: Less than 15mm
*0.4*0.2mm is mountable

Hand insertion process

Hand insertion process
26 palette rounds type conveyer (two)
The hand insertion is required without being able to mechanize it under the situation that the machine deployment, the insertion increase still more.

Automatic solder process

Automatic solder process

[solder tank (nitrogen correspondence)]
Jet tank * lead-free, eutectic correspondence
furakusa: Tamura Seisakusho (TAF-40-15PA)
A solder tank: Tamura Seisakusho (HC25-39NE)
Mountable size maximum L330 X W250 X T1.6
        Smallest L50 X W50 X T1.6

Examination with camera process

Assembling process
[examination for 3D appearance machine]
The NG stocker deployment
Testable size
Max: L510mm X W460mm
Min :L60mm X W50mm
t (thickness): 0.5-2.0mm

Hand soldering process

Hand soldering process

●Hand soldering authorization permit
 (I lecture on a subject, a practical skill and am the permit which the person who cleared a constant standard is given)

Only the person who got hand soldering authorized permission for parts to attach later engages in work and makes an effort to plan a quality control, stability.

Assembling process

Assembling process
I incorporate various printed circuit boards in the body (I work on screw stopping wiring) and finish it to a finished product.
High temperature aging room
The enforcement of the environmental examination is possible using a product made in machine (Max100 ℃) a Japanese specialist, too.

Electric inspection

Electric inspection
I perform examination with printed circuit board and light of the product of the body and finish it as a finished product.

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