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I spin Japanese traditions

Saturday, February 3, 2024
Teshigawara of our representative
I participated in the traditional bean-scattering ceremony practiced in kanzenshinsha of the Tomioka-shi, Gunma which was a hometown this year.
A great number of people came, and everybody fortune was picked up.

It was on 1st mentioned Japanese traditions when I experienced the tea in the afternoon.

I want to continue growing up for mind of the taking a lesson from the past every day.

To "a partner surviving the present age together"
■Bean-scattering ceremony ~MAMEMAKI~
■Tea ceremony ~SADOH~

[annual] I put thought to Dharma

SDGsForeign human resources achievement
Tuesday, January 16, 2024
I perform eyes case of Dharma with all the staff every year in the glory Seisakusho!

Gunma with our company has << shorinsantatsumaji >> said to be temple "of" luck Dharma origin, and, for a citizen of the prefecture, Dharma comes to be very familiar.

Put the thought of all to Dharma...
I have you watch all for one year this year.

To "a partner surviving the present age together"

▼Vietnamese trainee (the right) who edites Dharma for the first time in life

"I spin" a slogan in 2024

Energy savingConsultant
Friday, January 5, 2024

I would like this year, everyone.

I decide a one-year slogan and, as for the EIKOH SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd., move into action every year.
2024 slogan
"I spin it"
I spin "history" and "the results" that came out of conventional accumulation well toward the new times...
I will continue making an effort even more in this year to be able to do it for one year of "the growth".

To "a partner surviving the present age together"
▲I will heap up it in 2024!

[guidance] About the year-end and New Year taking a rest and opening day

In all of you, 2023 thank you very much for your help.
If, in this year, notice, is already the end of the year.
I feel that it becomes quick in passage of time year by year.

In this year, glory Seisakusho includes various events, each time to business partner, people concerned thank you very much for your help.

When I nominate two for a particularly big event

⑴The death of Chairperson Katsuo Teshigawara that is the founder
⑵Return, entering a company of Masaya Teshigawara that is a successor candidate

I catch the above during the history of the glory Seisakusho as it was an event to let you feel in particular "change of generation".

[first/Katsuo] But, it is the glory laboratory which I heaped up as hard as possible, but will continue working by daily accumulation carefully while setup, [the second generation: kaku] which is a president (appears) borrow your hand because the third generation polishes it more and ties a baton to the fifth generation for the fourth generation, and a glory laboratory realizes "a company and the aim that it is for 100 years".

Once again, in 2023 thank you very much for your help.
Have good age.

To "a partner surviving the present age together"

The year-end and New Year closure period: 12/29-1/4
The New Year opening day: 1/5 ...

"I connect" SDGs and life by knowledge

Tuesday, December 19, 2023
I participated in SDGs introduction seminar for medium and small-sized businesses!

I had learning about SDGs from Shimizu of association of Gunma resources energy circulation promotion, Kambe, Tomidokoro of the entertainer Ann Ming Kang perception that Gunma lived in commencing with popular SDGs card game among our staff last time.

Though I haunt, the word SDGs thinks what kind of which I understand deeply whether you are connected with each other there is few in oneself.

"I act" in what "I know", and the smart thing can do it, and "invention" thinks, "it is connected" in what a birth "result" appears, and "continuation" does.
It was right the time that was able to reconfirm the contents this time.

We eat rice routinely, why is that? I think that there is not the person that a reason is not identified when I was asked about this.
And what kind of merit is there to own body by eating? I think that most of know it even if assigned to this.
I think whether the action "that I eat" as everybody does it continues with nature even if I do not know it.

Then follow environment; what kind of merit does it lay in the generation of oneself and future children to make a move?
On the contrary, what kind of demerit is born by not working?
At first, why don't you begin your SDGs because "you have a sense of crisis" toward, also known as "I know it" and the thing that you do not know in them?

The glory Seisakusho works on SDGs centering on "energy saving" "diversity management" positively.

To "a partner surviving the present age together"
▼The SDGs seminar details
▼I learned SDGs from 1!
Ann Ming Kang perception Tomidokoro (the left) and Teshigawara (the right) of our management Planning Office
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