The eco-friendly manufacturing that matched in the times
The making of person
The making of smile
Managing director
Teshigawara Satoru
[energy saving] [diversity management] This in a concept
In a company performing "manufacturing" which there was in the times
There wants to be it.
We run duties to perform assembling inspection "of medical equipment-related car-related" board and assembling inspection "of" product in Tomioka-shi, Gunma mainly.
In addition, by the approach of the field of society, environment, the maintenances of the air quality by the smooth demand management and air conditioning, ventilation to review day by day get a high evaluation and receive the commendation from the outside.
An approach to affect our energy management,
Energy management excellence companies were commended for Kanto economy industrial chief of the bureau commendation in 2014.
 In addition, win energy saving award in 2015, in 2019
It was chosen as energy saving management "killer ri medium and small-sized business 12 selections of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry which shined!"! 
Video introduction
SHOW energy!
The media publication
sho energy!
ISO 9001 certification acquisition factory
The ISO14001 certification acquisition
Saying "I do not do it to there"
With enthusiasm as I am spoken well!
I send a product, service and a smile to all of you in unison.
Smile quality
The start-to-finish production system from small lot
The start-to-finish production system
The start-to-finish
production system
I can cope with the order for small lot flexibly, and manufacturer where the production of the trial product is hoped for gives warm trust to me.
High-density implementation such as minute parts (0402) and the high inspection system
High-density implementation such as minute parts (0402) and the high inspection system
By the latest facilities and the flexible production system, it can support any difficult implementation condition.
I accept a Vietnamese from 2005
I accept a Vietnamese from 2005
We accept Vietnamese skill trainee and several a year engineers from 2005. Many Vietnamese are playing an active part now.
Practical consultant business
The energy saving activity that I can practice immediately
We nominated a company early and worked on an energy saving activity and the result was recognized and won energy saving award in 2015. I suggest the concrete energy saving activity that a medium and small-sized business different from the big company in gangs can practice immediately.
Winning energy saving award
2015 energy saving award
Upbringing and activity of a woman and the foreigner
Variety of diversity management/human resources
The utilization of a woman and the foreigner becomes required to cope with the future working population decrease.We promote the utilization of the woman from the beginning of establishment, and the ratio of female employee is higher than 70% now.When the utilization of a woman and the foreigner is examined, please use our abundant know-how to have.
A glory mill was chosen by 100 selections of new diversity management companies!
100 selections of 2015 new diversity management companies
Nursing facility administration business
I offer calm life space.
I perform nursing facility administration business as well as board production in the EIKOH SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd. I am doing that I serve that user feels relieved and can send a happy time with a creed and, in and the loving motto that care is careful to to each one made with homey atmosphere, aim at the offer of the high quality care service.
The group home "house of the rainbow"
1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-40-3478 / FAX: 0274-40-3479
A small scale multifunctional model home "solar house"
1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-20-2121 / FAX: 0274-20-2122
House type pay nursing home/day service "real face"
1166-1, Okanogo, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-50-8558 / FAX: 0274-50-8559
Nursing facility administration business
Employment information
Diversity promotion!It is the company
where a lot of women play an active part.
The making of company where the coexistence of work and the private life can be realized. I fix the environment where a variety of human resources can play an active part.
Employment information
Employment information
Employment information
Employment information
I see a senior employee introduction
I read an offer essential point
1109-2, Kanohara, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
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