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〒370-2455 1109-2, Kanohara, Tomioka-shi, Gunma

1.Board implementation
2.Board assembly
3.Board assembling/Examination for board
4.Examination for product assembling/product


Employment information

Offer essential point

Recruitment release date: 2021-10-01

The type of job<< the production staff >> << general desk work >>
The employment form




Offer contents
The EIKOH SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd. performs "manufacturing" in a keyword by [energy saving] [diversity management] in Tomioka-shi, Gunma.

For example
"I do parts "soldering" on a board and perform the electrical joining"
""Assembling" of the product using the tools such as drivers"
Whether "the thing which I made is finished in "good product" "inspection""
"I handle an implementation machine to program it, and to be said to be "SMT" and enable the work that there is not to the human being"

"The manufacturing" that is on-site "direct" that I said this

"I do the work that I accepted an order of "management" and supply it to the spot appropriately"
"I perform making of "environment" where a family of the glory Seisakusho is easy to act" on
"I speak a telephone or an E-mail and perform "communication" with outside the company and offer the smooth service to important business partner"

There is "the manufacturing" that is "indirect" that I said this.

Both "manufacturing" is our important activities.
The glory Seisakusho recruits "which wants to do its best and members feeling to be" together in them!

The beginner is welcome, too!
At first, the start from a part-time job is possible, too.
Please feel free to contact us.
TEL: 0274-63-2483

I win [energy saving award] along with what large company and, in spite of being a medium and small-sized business, enlarge the place of the achievement in "all over Japan" from Gunma.

<< working hours >>

<< holiday >>
A five-day working week (with the company calendar)
※Existence free for GW, the summer, New Year holidays, a paid rest!

Monthly salary 170,000yen250,000yen

Other benefitsTransportation expenses, housing allowance, family allowance, professional ability allowance, etc.
Raise in salaryOnce a year
BonusTwice a year
InsuranceSocial insurance/unemployment insurance
Welfare programGolf competition bowling meet in the company, barbecue (cherry blossom viewing) others
Company nameEIKOH SEISAKUSYO Co., Ltd.
Work location

370-2455 GunmaTomioka-shi1109-2, Kanohara

Comment from a senior

2023 entering a company woman employee

I entered the company in September, 2023

Senior employees was able to be familiar only in interesting people immediately
I try so hard that I can learn various work!

2023 entering a company man employee

I entered the company in September, 2023!

I try so hard that glory Seisakusho becomes the company playing an active part in the world!
I look forward to this.

Voice of the Vietnamese senior employee

I entered the company in December, 2016
With the pride that appeared in the homepage of the company
I will do my best more from now on
Vào Công ty làm tháng 12 năm 2016.
Thật tựhào khiđượcđăng hình lên trang web của Công ty.
Từbây giờsẽcốgắng hơn nữa.

2017 entering a company woman employee

I entered the company in March, 2017
There was the anxiety by entering a company by the manufacturing industry non-experience first, too
I was relieved to be able to tell me carefully one by one
I am studying every day in order to catch up with seniors

I entered the company, and it was the eighth year.

I entered the company, and it was the eighth year
The big company has a lot of few charm
It is a worthwhile company

I can play an active part in the wide field and am the company which can learn a lot

As for the atmosphere in the company, the woman are well bright let alone a man, too; lively
It is the working workplace

Would you you like to come to observe it by all means?

I entered the company this spring.

I entered the company in this spring, 2016
As it was full of uneasiness, but seniors instruct it before entering a company eagerly
Time passes in no time and is substantial very much now every day
I win the diversity, and a woman can play an active part and is the very worthwhile workplace

On applying

On having you apply for our job offer

When I have you apply for our job offer contents, I would like it than this form.
(I accept the question about an offer essential point or work contents here.)
I contact you than the person in charge later on an interview day.
Please note that an answer may take several days.
In addition, I would appreciate your referring to this for the privacy policy.

※After having apply; more than ten days of the answer when there is not it, very sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact me at the following.
〒370-2455 1109-2, Kanohara, Tomioka-shi, Gunma
TEL: 0274-63-2483/FAX: 0274-63-2549

Instructions about the input

・Please input all the kana letters with full size.
・If input is over, please click "transmission" of the screen lower right.
・As it becomes the contents confirmation screen, I confirm input contents and I click "transmission" again and am completion.
・※The seal is an input required item.

Application form

Classification ※required
Age ※required
The name ※required
Furigana ※required
Zip code
※An example: 123-4567
The metropolis and districts
Address, name
Phone number
※An example: 012-345-6789
Cell-phone number
※An example: 090-1234-5678
Communication e-mail address ※required

 Only as for note) half size alphanumeric character
Desired motive, comment ※required
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