"I turn off the light without cutting human resources."

... glory Seisakusho, serious energy saving consultant ...
In Gunma prefectural government office "multicultural cowound Company" commendation ceremony
I reduce cost by "the consciousness reform" of the existing force and raise profit.

That is us, energy saving of the glory.
I obtained it by having got over adverse circumstances
Abundant know-how
The energy saving of the glory Seisakusho began with a big bankruptcy crisis. Therefore energy saving "in" software aspect by the making of making of structure which was not energy saving "by the investment, people in promoted" hardware surface has been practiced these days.
I offer "glory-style energy saving" to find means of escape with an existing force.
Made-to-order energy saving suggestion

Type of industry, human resources, environment...I think that there is not the company same in the world as one company. Therefore I analyze your company and am important above all when it provides a result I adopt "an energy saving operation" to match the characteristic, and to practice.
I make elaborate arrangements to find the most suitable solution.

The abundant results and relationship of mutual trust
I ask about "a goal" and "an ideal" of the reduction to aim at as a company and I make energy saving "making use of" strength of your company and glory Seisakusho in together and give it.
I think about "being able to practice it immediately, continuation dekirukoto" carefully and perform in particular the meeting of the elaborate activity plan while considering the environment where the company is placed in.
In addition, I get on the consultation of facilities necessary to a minimum including "ka with a view of the electricity".
I survive the present age together
To a partner
Energy remarkable rise, lack of human resources, the world situation of the turbulence...
This present age to be asked the value as "a company" and "a person" every day.
The glory Seisakusho recruits company raising it as a partner surviving such present age (just) together each other.
Please let me perform serious "accompaniment support" centering on "the energy saving" that is the important family and staff, "the development" of the community where I was born and raised and our strength raising the real ability as the company above all for "the future".
■He/she reads "a privacy policy" on request for material, an inquiry
 After an agreement, I would like it than the following inquiry form.
■I may have time for an answer.
 A person of the dispatch is available for an inquiry from a telephone.

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